Title of the document "The Quarry Where Mental Perceptions Are Reshaped"


P.A.S.S is a kingdom initiative intended to facilitate spiritual development and reforms in the corporate body of Christ by teaching present truth apostolic kingdom revelation to the Believer. This therefore will culminate in producing a brand new way of progressive engagement with the Father.

The present transition from institutionalized Church driven by the unquestioned courtship with the sacred cows of fossilized religious and traditional positions require a deliberate and meticulous approach in order to both confront the sterile doctrines and dogmas and birth forth an accurate pattern of Heaven’s design in the earth.

By the restoration of the Apostolic and Prophetic ministries today which are foundational, the need to build a people of power and relevance in the kingdom and market place cannot be over emphasized.

Leading voices (Custodians) of this present truth message are given platform to instruct, inspire and impart the Saints. Unlike the one man leadership pattern of Moses in the Old Covenant, it will take a corporate anointing to truly establish powerful transition. Therefore the ministries of these seasoned leaders will create a significant imprint in every facet of life on all attendees, as the principles are applicable to business, family, government and interpersonal relationships.

At the completion of training, students are awarded with a Certificate of Attendance and commissioned to go forth into their various spheres of influence and fulfill their mandate and callings.


• The unveiling of Christ Stature & Nature in the Saints.
• The formation of Prophetic atmosphere in various ministries.
• Bringing the saints into a place of maturity and relevance in the kingdom and market place.
• Birthing forth a renewed and energized paradigm for a Kingdom Culture.
• The restoration of Apostolic/Prophetic fathering through progressive covenant relationships.


There has been so much buzz on the subject of Spiritual Authority and Kingdom Protocol in the body of Christ, yet the manifestation has not been proportional to the emphasis. What is missing? In this course, we shall delve deeper looking into:
a) The Principle of Authority
b) Levels of Authority
c) The Believer’s Metron (measure) of Authority within a Constituted body
d) Conflict of Authority

What are the effects, defects and ramification of the fall of the first man (Adam)? We will examine the root cause of man’s unending struggle and behavioral issues since the fall (the Orphan culture) and draw parallels with the alternative life provided through the finished works of the Christ (a culture of Sonship). This course takes this subject to an unprecedented level yet presented in simplicity.

The most misunderstood and misconstrued subject in the body of Christ today is centered around the prophetic ministry. This has caused major setbacks and untold misery in the body of Christ. Controversial as it may be, the Spirit of the Lord has never ceased giving us clarity.
In this new decade, as we advance the kingdom of God to new frontiers confronting dark kingdom it is not unusual to see growing falsehood and counterfeits of what the prophetic ministry truly is. The enemy’s goal has always been to annex, defile and undermine the channels of God’s expression in the earth realm.

In this course we will attempt to do the following:
1. Redress the imbalances and excesses of the prophetic ministry
2. Unravel deeper truths and principles on Discernment, Dream Interpretation & Visions
3. This class will also expose to the Student the practical science of the prophetic and strategies aimed to activate the Student to function accurately.

Although this subject has gained much attention over time as much emphasis has been laid, however the need to take a fresh look cannot be overemphasized. As revelation progresses, we cannot remain stuck in obsolete positions that has outlasted it’s use while the dark kingdom pushes on new agenda and strategy. 

In Victorious Spiritual Warfare we go beyond the norms and borders of spiritual warfare and expose the weakness of the enemy through the finished works of Christ.

The Student will learn the difference between VICTORIOUS spiritual warfare and simply Spiritual Warfare. This class will be very powerful as it aims to enhance spiritual discernment, identify the broad targets and tactics of the enemy and how to gain the upper hand on every satanic onslaught.

Understanding the role of worship in the prophetic ministry and cultivating a worship culture.

A deep look into the various eras, seasons and pioneers of the Reformation of the Church, their relevance and our current position.