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Save on College Textbooks with Wiley

One of the many ways Wiley supports your education is by ensuring you have affordable and accessible course material options. To find your textbooks, simply enter the book ISBN, book title, or author name in the above search box. When browsing for textbooks, it's easy to compare costs and savings with our various purchase options, such as "Textbook Rental" or "eBook" options.



Rent Textbooks from Wiley



Low Prices with
Wiley Textbook Rental

Prefer a printed book but looking for savings? Rent textbooks at our lowest prices and save with Wiley. Wiley textbook rental lets you keep your print textbook for a period of 130 days and your eBook rental for up to 150 days.


Free Shipping on your College Textbooks

Get textbook rentals delivered to your doorstep! Shipping and returning textbook rentals are completely free. All rent textbook orders received by noon Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, ship the same day. 


Instant Access to
your Textbook

Enjoy access to your eBook instantly when you rent textbooks – eBook or print. Wiley offers free 14-day access to the eBook while you wait for your textbook rental to ship. After your rental expires, you can buy your eBook for just $9.99.




Wiley Rental FAQs


How does textbook rental work?

Wiley Textbook Rental gives you a printed college textbook for a fee to use during a rental access period. At the end of the period your Wiley textbook rental can be returned or you can keep/buy the textbook at an additional cost.


Why should I choose to rent college textbooks?

Wondering if you should rent or buy your college textbooks? If you prefer a print book to an eBook and you don't want to keep the textbook when the term is finished, you can choose our cheap Textbook Rental option.

Wiley Textbook rentals offer you lower prices than purchasing and lets you keep your college textbook for a period of 130 days. With the convenience of getting textbooks delivered to your doorstep and keeping them, if you’ve changed your mind to buy.


How do I place my order for Wiley Textbook Rental online?

Find your textbooks with the book ISBN or title in the search box above. Simply click on the rental option where it’s offered and add the textbook to your cart. Then follow the steps through the checkout process.


How long does it take to receive my rented textbook?

All rental textbook orders received by noon Eastern Time , Monday through Friday, will ship the same day via UPS. Your textbook will ship from LaVergne, TN 37086. Calculate the transit time here.

You can choose expedited shipping during checkout at an additional cost.


Can I write, underline, or highlight in textbook rentals?

Highlighting or underlining is permitted in textbook rentals, but please refrain from writing or note taking in the books. Remember that students will be using these textbooks after you, so keeping them in good condition is appreciated.


How long do I get to keep my textbook?

Your rental period is 130 days from the rental ship date.


What is the due date for my college textbook rental?

To find the due date for your Wiley Textbook Rental:

1. Login to your account at

2. Click on the "Textbook Rentals" link.

3. Locate the order number for your textbook and in the "Due on" column the date will be listed.


How to return my Wiley Texbook Rental at the end of the rental period?

Once you know your due date, please follow these steps to complete your Wiley Textbook Rental return:

1. Locate the textbook to be returned and click on the "Print Return Label" link.

2. Affix the return label to your package.

3. Drop off the package at any UPS service provider, any UPS Drop Box, or other locations that accept UPS packages.

NOTE: If the book is returned within two weeks of your rental period, you'll receive a full refund. Textbook rentals must be dropped off with UPS before the due date to avoid purchase fees.


How do I track my textbook returns?

Click on the link for "Return Tracking" in Textbook Rentals.

The track package link will appear once you have printed your return shipping label. And your status will display as returned once your rental return is accepted and processed.


What if I lose my rental textbook or return it late?

You will be charged the non-return price for any textbooks that are not returned by the due date. The non-return price is listed on your account.


Can I keep or purchase my textbook rental?

Yes, you can purchase a college textbook from Wiley Textbook Rental. If you choose to keep your textbook, you can simply not return your rental. You will be charged the non-return price for the textbook.


Is Wiley Textbook Rental available near me?

Wiley Textbook Rentals are currently available only to customers with shipping addresses in the United States (including the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska, but excluding Puerto Rico and U.S. territories).


Are you a WileyPLUS student?

We work with your school to create custom WileyPLUS bundles that are the best price for you. Check them out.