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The work societies do can change the world. We’re dedicated society publishers—we’re here to share your work and support your mission. Together, we’re making the world brighter.

Empowering Our Society Partners


We Publish More Than 1,000 Society Journals

We are unrivaled in understanding and navigating the commercial and practical challenges that societies face. Together we can advance your research field and create positive change through knowledge. Our mission is to support those who ask questions because that sense of curiosity is what moves the world forward.

By empowering our society partners to share their extraordinary work with more people, everyone benefits.


Supporting you every step of the way

  • We offer expert educational and networking opportunities, like the Wiley Executive Seminars.
  • We share our knowledge and societies’ stories through resources like the Wiley Society Newsletter, so you have the tools to navigate industry changes.
  • We want to help people leading societies around the world connect with each other. Join the conversation with @WileySocieties.


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From Astronomy to Zoology, Wiley has the answers. Our resources inform future research, advance professional practice, and satisfy curiosity. With such a wealth of information at your fingertips, there’s always more to learn. 





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