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The library is a gateway to powerful knowledge and useful resources. Wiley partners with librarians for this kind of information in order to deliver resources that support both research and learning.

Wiley Research

We offer librarians powerful and constructive tools across all subject fields in research. Wiley also provides primary and secondary research that span across all related topics including accounting, agriculture, chemistry, computing, humanities, law, social sciences, lifestyle, mathematics, etc.


Our Powerful Resources

Stop by our library page on Wiley Online Library for all the information you need! We offer all kinds of research to help you create an extensive collection. This platform offers a variety of resources for the purposes of providing you with the opportunity for discoverability and accessibility to unique content! Some of the available resources within our library include:

  • Journal Subscriptions
  • Online Books & Packages
  • Research Databases
  • Price Lists
  • Technical Information
  • Content Discovery


Stay Up to Date

Stay connected with our meaningful, relevant, and powerful resources. We have a variety of platforms that will allow you to explore expansive opportunities for your research.


Email Alerts

Receive notifications concerning library newsletters, library trends, impactful content, and updates on all the Wiley products and solutions. This is a great way to stay in touch with Wiley Library Services. These email alerts will provide you with information about products like current protocols, online books, reference works, Wiley Library News, Wiley Digital Archives, etc. Fill out a quick form to get started.


The Wiley Network

This network encompasses a variety of professionals like librarians, researchers, and educators. This platform provides you with the chance to share ideas, advice, and the opportunity to collaborate. This fundamental space at Wiley gives all librarians a wide variety of content. On this network, you will find information about open access research practices, a day in the life of a researcher, and top library stories in the Asia and Pacific.


We Offer a Variety of Services

Our resources inform future research while advancing practice and inspiring curiosity. Wiley has several journals, reference works, research, and online books and information. Within these tools, librarians can learn a variety of information from topics like Astronomy, Zoology, Criminology, Education, etc. We have services that span across all fields of research.





Reference Works


Online Books